Jun. 23rd, 2012

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Wtf is going on in the nursery? This morning around 7:30 I woke up to a roach crawling on my arm! I would have killed it but it was on the futon and then crawled down the wall. My saying I would have killed it is a huge deal because I am so afraid of these things it is really ridiculous. Even dead ones or photos of them freak me out. But this one was near Nick so I guess mama instincts trump roach phobia. But what good is a nursery I am afraid to go in because of roaches? And why are they coming in? I am pretty sure it is the cleanest room in the house. I'm so upset by this!!!

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Well I guess that roach was dying because Dave found it and said it was dying. So at least I am back to being able to pretend the nursery is safe. Then when I went back in there I was standing up and felt something dripping on my foot and got worried we had some leak in the ceiling but it was just my boob.
I am hoping to get to target today to get some nursing tanks because I can only find one of mine and two bras and that is not enough for my rate of doing laundry these days.

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