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"You piece of coprolite!" Now where had that come from? I hadn't said that for ages. I don't recall just when I'd come across that term, but I vividly remember the snickers my friends and I had shared following our discovery via the Wikipedia entry that an earlier name for coprolite was a bezoar stone, so a memorable lesson from Harry Potter ended up being that eating shit was an antidote for most poisons. "You piece of coprolite" had been our favorite insult for several months, at least among each other. Now we'd drifted apart, as is wont to happen in that transition between middle school and high school, particularly when you end up at different schools. I was the bitch who ditched everyone to be the smart cheerleader, hiding most of my intellect beneath my ridiculous ponytails.
"What did you call me?" Tommy was cute, but not the most intelligent specimen I'd ever encountered. Not that I expected most people to know what coprolite was, but even "fossilized dinosaur shit" might have passed over his head.
I tossed those ridiculous ponytails of mine. "Just forget it!" I stomped away. This popularity thing was getting to be kind of a drag. It had been fun in ninth grade, a bit less fun last year, but now it was so much effort. If I was going to be totally honest with myself, I'd be forced to admit that I'd picked that stupid fight with Tommy because I was bored. It wasn't that I didn't like my new friends, at least most of the time, but I missed those nights spent with Janie and Eleanor, those nights when we'd be rolling around on the floor with laughter over some crazy thing one of us had said. Whitney and Sarah, my new best friends, were too refined for that sort of thing, although not too refined to roll around on the floor with whoever was the latest flavor of the month.
I was sure word would get back to them about what I'd said and I'd get some flack about it, but I didn't really care at this point. And Whitney would probably be glad because I knew she was kind of interested in Tommy. Well, she could have him. I was tired of being stood up so he could go out drinking with his friends. Not that I totally minded staying at home, since I preferred reading to those interminable parties, but it was the principle of the thing. Maybe I would just make my own plans tonight. And they wouldn't involve coprolite of any type.

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