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I'm Carrollee. I'm married and have two sons(6 years and 20 months) and a dog. We live in South Carolina. I grew up here and then left to go to college, and then after that moved to Atlanta and lived there for close to 15 years. Then we moved back here and it's okay. I like being close to my family and I live in my own little progressive bubble and try to ignore the stupidity that is South Carolina politics.
Currently I'm not working. I would like the income that having a job brings, but I like having the time to write and paint and knit and hang out with the kids. I enjoy cooking and baking. I spend too much time on the computer not writing. I love to read. My favorite book is probably East of Eden. My favorite authors are Jane Austen, Rex Stout, Dick Francis, Laurie King, Jim Butcher, and Noel Streatfeild, and I have a lot of books that I read once every 1-3 years or so.
My husband and I moved into a new house (new to us) at the end of last year and are in the process of fixing it up. It has the potential to be our forever home, and that's a good feeling. It was a foreclosure property and needs a lot of work but the most pressing problems have been repaired, and now we're on to more cosmetic type things.
I have a lot of different writing projects that I'm working on, but I tend to do better focusing on one at a time, rather than try to work on several things each day.
One day I'd really like to open a Halloween-themed B&B.
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